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Would you like to have tea or coffee? Just what are the specific coffee
benefits? You must have heard this offer of choice a thousand times. Be it
guests at your house or while visiting someone or from the airhostess in the
flight. The general idea in many countries continues to be that tea and coffee
are two beverages which have equal importance. However, this is not 100% true.
There is a huge divided lobby on this opinion. Many people opine that tea is
definitely more popular than coffee as it has medicinal properties and is good
for health. Coffee on the other hand is more popular in the workplace. The
debate continues on which is more popular.
There are however, some distinct pros and cons of both beverages. Let's talk
about the benefit of tea. As we all know tea was discovered by the Chinese and
scientific research has proven than it has very good medicinal properties which
can help fight fatigue. Tea is more popular in Asia and Europe where tea
drinking is considered to be a proper social function.
Coffee on the other hand gives an instant 'fix' and helps people be alert and
ward off sleepiness when at work thanks to the caffeine content in the drink.
The health conscience coffee drinker tends to opt for decaffeinated coffee and
thus gets the flavour without the caffeine. Coffee is very popular in the United
States and is also an international drink which is appreciated the world over.
These are the coffee benefits present in every cup!
It is very difficult to determine which beverage garners more votes with a
global audience since each drink has its own fiercely loyal fan following.