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I'm no different from any other American; I love a good coffee after I wake up.
In fact, I adore coffee bubbling in my coffee maker through out the day and
sometimes I also crave the flavour even after having had dinner. Unfortunately,
dependent on your body, your reaction to the caffeine will vary. This can mean
the difference between a cup of coffee at night or a sleepless night of tossing
and turning. I personally cannot drink coffee before bedtime because I am
sensitive to the affects of caffeine. I can't even drink pop before bedtime or
I will pay for it at night. This one of the main reasons why I keep a supply of
decaf in my kitchen. If I do need that quick taste, I can brew some coffee
without suffering the intolerable insomnia associated with caffeine.My other
backup for those times when I have run out of decaf and I crave a quick coffee
at night is Dunkin Donuts. They brew a decaf that has all the flavour of the
regular brew, but without the concentrated caffeine levels that will wire up my
nerves. I've even wandered out to get the iced variety when it has been too hot
for my normal drink, and because I just have to have that delicious flavour
running over my tongue.Coffee beans have the natural molecule called caffeine
built in. I am not very familiar with the process for its removal though. I
picture a huge contraption resembling a sieve that uses a filtration system to
remove the caffeine from the boiling beans' water. I suppose this is more
fantasy than reality because you can get whole grinds and beans from stores. I
strongly imagine that the process involves the entire bean and not just the
water. However, it is my best bet for coffee lovers like myself who have to
avoid that dreaded caffeine.I do worry that with the flavours of regular and
decaf coffee being so much alike that the coffee-houses may give me regular
accidentally. I avoid this concern by keeping a constant supply of decaf in my
kitchen. Making mistakes is only human, right? I am also concerned that my
Starbucks barista may give me decaf instead of my morning regular. Without that
morning boost of caffeine, I have forked out $4, only to continue to doze the
day away. Whatever the case I do adore coffee. Don't you?