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A new cottage type industry has sprung up over the past twenty-five years that
has looked at the health aspect of coffee drinking. It's no surprise because
worldwide over four hundred million portions are drunk daily. However, health
experts have questioned its safety. Recent studies have shown that the benefits
may outweigh the risks.The prime ingredient in your cup of cappuccino is
caffeine. It a known type of stimulant. Blood pressures rise, heart rates
increase and sometimes this can result in irregular beats. However scientists
are sure the effects are only mild and only temporary. In contrast to this, new
information suggests certain healthy aspects.A cure for cancer? No plenty of
evidence shows that it may help minimalise any risk of colon cancer, but only if
you drink four plus cups a day. Unfortunately that level of drinking could have
counteraffects also.Heard the saying, everything in moderation? Well this is
also true of coffee. As with wine, coffee has antioxidants that do protect you
against heart diseases and some cancers. It removes the cells that destroy
oxygen from your blood. However, others contend that you get more from apples,
cranberries and tomatoes. Others suggest vitamins, minerals and fibre in
vegetables and fruit are best.Chinese scientists show that drinking your coffee
can reduce the horrible symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. Drinking regular and
decaffeinated coffees, according to the Scandinavians and Americans may also
reduce type 2 diabetes. Note - Scandinavians have the highest consumption
worldwide.It is also said that it may help in the reduction of kidney and
gallstones. Improvements in digestion because of the increase in the stomach's
acid are also apparent.If you are an asthmatic, ask your doctor about evidence
that it can help lower constrictions in airways. Interestingly, coffee has
theophylline, a well-known bronchiodialator.Unfortunately there also risks. It
is known that male sperm swim fast, go further and last longer in coffee laced
fluids, but female fertility can suffer. Others may suffer high amounts of
homocyteine levels in their blood, which can cause heart disease if you drink
too much. Harmful LDL cholesterol has been found due to increased levels of
cafestol produced during the European water boiling process. Thankfully filters
and percolators remove most of it. There has been a noticeable rise in calcium
loss and a decrease in bone density in coffee consuming women versus those who
don't. Four cups daily may give you incontinence. Others may find sensitivity
to caffeine that in my personal experience with one main coffee-house can cause
hormonal changes to the point of getting non-malignant breast
tumours.Fortunately the benefits do outweigh the risk as long as you stick to
moderate drinking. However for those truly caffeine addicted folk, especially
those who cannot survive on moderate levels, try drinking a cola. You can get
your fix with 1/3 caffeine to every ounce. There again maybe a cola versus a
latte is not worth the gamble.