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There are more than 2.2 million weddings each year, according to the U.S.
Wedding Report. The coffee maker, a must-have appliance in the majority of
American kitchens, is still one of the most popular bridal registry choices.
However, it isn't as easy to choose a coffee maker as it was in the past. New
styles, designs and updated technology have brought the coffee maker category to
a new level.
Whether you're buying a coffee maker as a wedding gift or for yourself, you have
more choices than ever before, including combination machines and high-quality
models that can control the variables of brewing to extract the maximum flavour
and aroma out of the coffee beans.
Here are tips to ensure your choice will provide you with the highest-quality
* Consider a vacuum thermal carafe, which will keep your coffee hot for hours
without the cooked taste that results from a glass pot kept on a warming plate.
* Look for 10-cup machines that have a special 3- to 4-cup brewing cycle. Without
this feature, you may find that smaller pots of coffee do not meet your taste or
temperature standards.
* If counter space is at a premium, look for a specialty coffee maker that is a
combination of two or more appliances. Capresso offers the CoffeeTeam-S, which
is a coffee maker and professional-style burr grinder in one.
* Think espresso. A high-quality espresso machine can make delicious
gourmet-quality, pressure-brewed coffee as well as a variety of your favourite
espresso-based drinks.
* Since the coffee maker is showcased on the counter and the carafe is an
important serving piece in your dining room, look for coffee makers that offer
stylish designs with high-quality materials such as stainless steel.