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Most people have some form of sweet tooth, and many also like the taste and
smell of a fresh cup of coffee. Though the tastes of sweets and that of coffee
are very different, they make a great match, since sugar helps to offset the
slightly acidic bitterness of coffee. One of the best examples of this is the
great taste of chocolate covered coffee beans. If you’re a coffee lover,
a chocolate lover, or both, chocolate covered coffee beans make a great snack.A
Marriage of flavoursChocolate and coffee work well together, so much that some
chocolates in Europe will have recommended servings that include serving with
coffee, particularly dark chocolates. However, any kind of chocolate can make
great chocolate covered coffee beans, even white chocolate. This sweet, crunchy
snack gives you the mellow flavour of one of the favourite candies in the world
with the tang and aroma of coffee. And even better, this is a snack with kick,
since you’ll get a little caffeine rush from eating chocolate covered
coffee beans.Making Your OwnSome people are serious enough about their coffee to
buy their own beans and grind them. If you’re serious about your coffee,
then you can be just as serious about your chocolate covered coffee beans. By
purchasing your own beans and chocolate, you’re guaranteed a quality
product. Making this great snack food is a snap; all you need is a pot to
carefully melt the chocolate in, and some sort of device, whether a fork or a
strainer, to remove the beans. Once the chocolate is melted, simply place the
beans in the pot to coat, and then remove with the fork. Set on wax paper to
harden overnight, and you’ll have a great snack that you made from
scratch.Buying BeansThe selection of coffee beans can be important in the making
of chocolate covered coffee beans. You want to buy a medium or dark roast,
since a light roast will simply be too acidic for chocolate covered coffee
beans. This is one reason why chocolate covered espresso beans are a popular
sell, since it’s a very dark roast. You can bring out interesting flavour
combinations with your chocolate covered coffee beans by purchasing flavoured
beans. Usually considered inferior by aficionados for creating a brew, they can
add an extra kick to chocolate covered coffee beans. Give making this sweet,
crunchy, snack a try and you’re sure to get hooked!