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Nothing complements breakfast or a homemade holiday treat like a freshly-brewed
cup of coffee. Thanks to single-serve brewers, a popular kitchen appliance, it's
easier than ever to enjoy a quality cup of coffee in a minute without leaving
the comfort of your home.
So what do coffee lovers like best about this latest in-home coffee brewing
trend? A recent survey commissioned by Maxwell House Café Collection coffee pods
• Eighty-eight percent of single-serve brewer owners like that these
machines make one cup of coffee in about 60 seconds. If friends and family are
staying with you this holiday season, you may want to consider using a
single-serve brewer to satisfy your household's coffee needs. The speed of these
coffee brewers means that you can satisfy coffee cravings quickly. And with an
assortment of coffee pods in the pantry, all of your houseguests can enjoy the
coffee variety or flavour of their choice each morning.
• Over 90 percent of coffee drinkers appreciate that single-serve brewers
don't require measuring coffee grinds or cleaning them up afterward. Ease of use
and speed mean more time to tackle the tasks on your holiday to-do list-whether
it's staying up late to make a meal or wrapping gifts in the pre-dawn hours.
• Sixty-five percent of single-serve brewer owners say that quality is a
consideration when buying coffee pods. Found in the coffee aisle of your grocery
store, Maxwell House Café Collection coffee pods are made with premium 100
percent Arabica beans that have been carefully selected, custom roasted and
finely ground to deliver peak flavour and aroma. And because these pods fit into
most single-serve brewers, there's no hassle with online or mail-in orders.
Simply pick up a few bags of your favourite variety while doing your holiday
grocery shopping.
So whether you want to streamline your morning routine or take a break from the
holiday hustle and bustle, single-serve brewers and coffee pods make an ideal
pairing this season.