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Caribou coffee may be the second-largest coffee retailer in the United States,
but taste tests have ranked them first in flavour in recent years. The company,
which began in Minnesota, now includes over 460 coffee shops that are located in
18 states throughout the eastern and central regions of the country. It is
second only to the Starbucks Corporation in terms of size and number of stores.
The history of Caribou Coffee has had its highs and lows since it was founded in
1992, but the origins of the company are interesting and inspiring to up and
coming entrepreneurs. In 1990, the founding members of Caribou Coffee, John and
Kim Puckett took a trip to the wilderness of Alaska. After climbing to the top
of Sable Mountain, they encountered a breathtaking view of the valley below
– complete with a herd of caribou running by. They took this vision home to
Minnesota with them, and two years later they opened the first Caribou Coffee
shop in Edina, Minnesota. This inspiration that began the path to their dream
has resulted in a company that strives for the highest quality of products and
service in the coffee market today.What does Caribou Coffee Offer?In addition to
a great, laid back atmosphere that can be compared to a ski lodge or a
wilderness cabin, Caribou offers a wide variety of hot and cold beverages as
well as baked goods to warm your bones and tantalize your taste buds. The menu
includes most of the beverages that you would expect to find in your basic
coffee shop today, including espresso drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. They
also offer blended drinks with and without coffee, depending on your preference.
Tea is another common item found at Caribou Coffee, and comes in a variety of
types and flavours. Make sure to check out the selection of “Wild
Drinks” as well, which include the signature concoctions unique to the
Caribou Coffee stores.A couple of years ago, this company also began a bakery
side of the business which includes items like cinnamon rolls, muffins and
scones to go with the beverage of your choice. There are even sandwiches
available, so that you can enjoy your coffee at lunch time as well. For those
die hard Caribou Coffee fans, there is also a selection of clothing available
that sports the Caribou Coffee label. While Caribou Coffee has had its share of
growing pains over the years as the business has developed, there is no doubt
that the company offers a quality product that many consumers enjoy. If you have
never tried the beverages from Caribou, why not give it a try today?