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Everyone who appreciates a good cup of coffee knows the value of having the
right equipment to make it. The Bodum Coffee Company was founded in 1944 in
Denmark and is still a family concern. The first of their own products, the
Santos Coffee maker, came on the market in 1958 and is still available today.
The company produces kitchenware and tableware but is mostly known for its
French coffee presses.These products are both functional and stylish and will
look good in any kitchen or café. Everything is designed with flavour in mind.
The Bistro Nouveau coffee or tea glass is made from heat resistance glass and
has a black, plastic handle. The glass keeps coffee and tea warm and can also be
used for soup. The glasses are suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.The
Eileen is a black and stainless steel frame Bodum coffee maker in the French
press style. It has a square handle for easy grip and it is chosen by bistro and
café owners. The Costa Rica 8 Cup French Press also has a stainless steel frame
and an easy grip curved handle with a rubber coating. Coffee is quick and easy
to make. Ground coffee is put into the flask, hot water is added and stirred
with a wooden or plastic spoon. After three or four minutes, the plunger is
pressed and perfect coffee is the result.The Travel Press is transparent and
holds 16oz of liquid. It serves as a Bodum coffee maker and tea maker, mixing
hot water with ground coffee or tea leaves. Other products from the company
include electric coffee grinders, milk frothers, electric water kettles and
espresso machines. Accessories are also available for the Bodum coffee maker
line. The 4 minute timer can be fitted to all the machines and is powered by a
battery. The range of accessories also includes chrome measuring spoons and drip
filters.Storage is important in keeping coffee fresh and dry. Bodum supplies a
storage jar with a sealed lid and a removable silicon gasket. The jar is
dishwasher friendly and can also be used to store tea, herbs, sugar or rice. All
of the machines are designed to be durable. However, should anything need
replacing, there are spare parts available for all the Bodum coffee makers and
other equipment. It's reassuring to the consumer that the professionals also buy
the products and put their trust in the company.