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When I first got my automatic coffee maker, I thought that was it. I seems that,
from then on, I would be able to brew the perfect cup of coffee without any
effort at all. My automatic drip coffee maker, after all, would be able to
handle the details. All I would have to do was to supply coffee. For several
months, I was pretty happy with the way it worked. I was get a pretty good cup
of coffee, but it was never quite right. I didn't even notice for a while, to
tell you the truth, until I went over to a friends house to have a cup of his.We
had the same automatic coffee makers, but the cups that they brewed were quite
different. Part of it had to do with the coffee that we put in the automatic
coffee maker. His was a slightly higher grade blend, so I assumed that was the
difference. I asked him what kind of coffee he was using, and he told me. I went
out and bought it the next day, excited to try it. I put it in my automatic
coffee maker, and waited for the magic to happen. It was good, but it was not as
good as the coffee I had over at my friend's house. I couldn't figure out the
difference. It felt like my automatic coffee maker had failed me.I didn't want
to ask him what his secret was. It seemed like I had failed if I couldn't figure
out how to use a coffee maker automatic on my own. I experimented with different
settings. I set the automatic coffeemaker to drip more slowly, to drip faster,
and to use hotter and cooler water. I even tried adding cardamom and shaved
chocolate. Nothing seemed to do the trick. The automatic coffee maker still
didn't make the same perfect cup I had had at my friend's house.Finally, in
frustration, I asked him what it was that he did differently. He told me. It was
quite simple really, and I wished that I had asked earlier and saved myself the
frustration. He roasted his own coffee. That was all there was to it. No matter
whether you are using an antique coffee maker or an automatic one, fresh roasted
coffee always tastes better. When he explained it, I decided to roast my own. It
really is great when you prepare it yourself!