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Do you love your coffee? Can you go a day without a cup of your favourite drink?
Coffee as we know it today is much different than when it was first discovered.
These days there are so many varieties of gourmet coffee that it is difficult to
choose a favourite one.What Exactly Is Gourmet Coffee?A cup of gourmet coffee is
a relatively new idea. Gourmet coffee is usually only made from Arabica beans,
which are usually the coffee beans with the fullest flavours. The general average
jar of coffee which you buy in supermarkets is made using a mixture of beans
using low grade Brazilian coffee beans and Robusta beans. They also add a small
amount of the Arabica coffee beans to ensure a nicer flavour than using just the
low grade beans. Also the lower grade beans contain more caffeine than the
others.Usually, gourmet coffee is roasted at the plant and makes it into the
consumer's hands within a week. You can buy pre-ground gourmet coffee, but the
preferred way to buy it is while it is still in its bean form. The beans can
usually be ground at the store you buy them from.Commercial coffee is also
usually not as fresh. Commercial coffee is pre-ground before it is packaged.
After packaging it can take several weeks to actually make it to a grocery
store. Usually, the longer pre-ground commercial coffee sits on a shelf waiting
to be purchased, the staler and bitter it will become. Generally, the biggest
advantage of commercial coffee is that it is cheap compared to some types of
gourmet coffee.The two most important things to remember when looking for
gourmet coffee is that it is fresher and has more flavour than the commercial
jars of coffee. Another important point to remember with gourmet coffee, is that
you can choose where the coffee beans have come from and also know how it has
been roasted. If you have yet to try a cup of gourmet coffee, you will not be
disappointed. You will be spoilt for choice in the world of gourmet coffee, give
it a try. You can find small bags so that if you decide you don't like that
particular variety, you don't have a 10 pound can in your kitchen still full of
coffee. So give gourmet coffee a try, and if you find it is not to your liking
you can always revert back to your old ways!