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……get moving quicker and faster in the morning.Worried that your first cup of
coffee for the day is starting to lose its edge?Then fear no more. These days'
manufacturers are making the espresso machine available to just about anyone who
wants one. Creating the perfect café style shot of this black aromatic brew
first thing in the morning has never been easier.And these new fangled machines
are nothing like your Dad's old style Coffee Maker either.The older generation
just don't seem to understand our modern day fascination with drinking a good
espresso. The social forces underlying life today are bringing household
accessories like espresso machines to the forefront of our collective
minds.Almost daily there seems to be new international influences popping up in
the coffee scene and this, coupled with the widespread acceptance of the local
specialty coffee shop have all helped people from America, Australia, the UK,
Asia and many other countries around the world to totally embrace the idea of
owning an espresso machine.Life today is all about the quick fix – it is our
need for instant gratification.What else is there that provides a quicker fix
than the punch delivered by a shot of good steaming espresso?It makes perfect
sense that coffee drinkers want to add an espresso coffee maker to their list of
kitchen gadgets all in the name of getting that instant morning heart starter -
you can also justify your thoughts by saying that there is the superior flavour
too!Then make mine a double please!Is that a double shot you mean? Well some
mornings – yes!Now days the espresso coffee maker is available in just about any
style or configuration you could possibly imagine. You can start with the small,
single-cup models and go right on up to the top end of the range to the more
expensive imports better suited to busy coffee shops than a home kitchen. Really
it is only a matter of how deep your pockets are and how much spare space you
have on your kitchen bench.Technically espresso machines range from piston
operated models that offer a “throw-back” feel of old world coffee houses all
the way up to the super dooper automatic models that do everything apart from
drink the coffee for you – they are even self cleaning – all at the touch of a
button. For our time-starved generation, it's little wonder that the fastest
growing category amongst the espresso coffee maker offerings is the fully
automatic machine.Can you just imagine
… the touch of a button this machine grinds the beans, tamps them, brews the
coffee, dumps the leftover grinds and even froths the milk. All that's left for
you to do is drink it – and enjoy that full fresh flavour!As far as the espresso
coffee maker goes, the super-automatic model is the pinnacle of innovation and
is gaining wide acceptance all over the world for its ease of use and product
quality. However, this amount of innovation does not come cheaply. To own one of
these ‘super' machines you could have to shell out a few thousand dollars.But
when you think about it, why worry about price when your espresso machine can
make so many variations of top quality brew based on espresso - all at the mere
touch of a little black button?Are you convinced yet? In the end I suppose it
really depends on how much you love your coffee.Fortunately you don't need to go
out and mortgage the family home just to own a good quality espresso maker.
There's a good selection of models across the whole spectrum of prices that are
more than capable of making a good quality espresso, cappuccino, latte or flat
white in the comfort of your own home.But for the really serious coffee
connoisseurs – a good quality espresso maker is the perfect appliance to provide
you with many years of coffee brewing pleasure.Enjoy!