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Everyone has their favourite and you are no exception when it comes to your
favourite coffee mug. It is special and you like the feel of it in your hands and
are really disappointed if someone else in the family is already using it for
their beverage. What makes a good coffee mug? Who knows? Each person has their
own special likes and dislikes; however, there are literally thousands of
different ones to choose from.There are coffee mugs in every shape and size
imaginable. They are now insulated and can be covered, are stackable, ceramic,
stainless steel, travel sizes and the majority are dishwasher safe. They can be
small and hold about 6 ounces or very large holding over 20 ounces. There is no
unique type, style, color or size to them, so, what makes these so special to
the user?Actually, there is nothing more comforting that holding a steaming hot
mug of coffee. Sitting back and smelling the fresh scents from the newly brewed
coffee that you just poured is delightful and it can sooth you after a long day
or refresh you so that you can move on and accomplish more work.Have you noticed
that more and more companies are giving away personalized mugs to their
customers? What better way to advertise your products and services than by
giving away an item that everyone uses every day. These products can be
purchased from numerous companies that will allow the organization to select a
color and a special logo-and the more they purchase the lower the cost for
each.Many companies order thousands when using them as a promotional gift.There
are even organizations that will give each employee their very own as an award
or bonus—a way of saying thank you for the hard work everyone has accomplished
over the past year. This is just a little token of appreciation that goes a long
way with employees and, they can also be used as promotional advertising.People
are even decorating with coffee mugs. They have shelves in their homes where
they proudly display antique ones that have been handed down for generations or
that they have collected over the years. There are special cup hangers that you
can attach to a wall so that you hang it by the handle and set up a pattern to
display them in such a way as to enhance their beauty. This is an inexpensive
way to decorate and to also show your collection. They could even be souvenirs
of places the family has visited and vacation in over the years. It can be a
constant inexpensive little memory of a special time that is in their home.No
matter what your preference in coffee mugs, to use or to display them, each
person has their own special one-and heaven forbid that it ever gets broken.
Some people when they have a favourite go back and get another one, exactly like
the first, just in case. If you do not have a spare, you can always get another,
but nothing will ever replace the look and feel of your favourite coffee mug.