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Coffee filters can be used for more than filtering coffee. You will be amazed at
the many other uses for coffee filters. These creative ideas are both money and
time savers, and who doesn’t like saving money? Once you see the wide
array of ideas you are sure to come up with a bunch more. Here are a few ideas
for putting your coffee filters to use:Coffee filters can be used as disposable
bowls for snacks such as popcorn, chips or crackers, allowing you to save time.
You can use these filters if you run out of paper towels to clean windows, and
they do an excellent job.Heat up leftovers in the microwave and cover them with
a filter. This will help keep your microwave clean.Use coffee filters to absorb
grease from greasy foods, they do the job perfectly.Catch ice cream drips by
using a coffee filter as an ice cream cone holder, it will absorb the mess.Use
like a Kleenex when you don’t have a tissue, it will get the job done when
you are in a pinch.Keep a few coffee filters in the trunk of your car, and you
will be able to check the fluids with ease and avoid the mess.Use them to clean
your glasses, they actually work the best and won’t leave any lint on the
lenses.Make an air freshener by adding some baking soda and using a twist tie to
secure the contents. Then put them in all the places you need to freshen up.Use
as small bowls to divide ingredients to ease the mess in the kitchen and making
cleaning a breeze.Use coffee filters to polish your shoes, this will keep them
nice and shiny.Us e them when you are packing breakable dishes, this will help
protect them better than newspaper.Use coffee filters as coffee cup covers when
you are re-heating coffee to avoid any spilling or splashing. This will help
keep your microwave looking its best.You can use them to protect your counter
when you are cutting vegetables, they will help make sure you are slicing the
vegetables and not your counter.Coffee filters can be used to help diffuse the
brightness of the flash on your camera. This will help ensure that you get the
best picture possible.To Sum It UpCoffee filters can be used for many things
that you may never have thought of, so be sure to take advantage of all these
extra household ideas, and you will indeed save time and money.