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All About Coffee (Free EBook)

New Zealand's coffee connoisseurs live in Dunedin according to the findings of an independent survey.

Derek Bonnar CANSTAR - New Zealand National Manager said the survey revealed that Dunedin residents were more likely at 38% to consider themselves to be coffee connoisseurs than other kiwis. Dunedin coffee drinkers are also the most likely at 64% to go out of their way for their caffeine fix. Christchurch residents at 59% are also willing to pull out all the stops to buy a good cup of coffee, followed by 58% of Aucklanders and 57% of Wellingtonians. Age wise, Gen X coffee drinkers are the most likely to head across town for that special brew at 62%.

The survey by Canstar Blue asked kiwis to rate their satisfaction with the coffee shop where they had most recently purchased a coffee. Mojo Cafe with locations in Wellington, Palmerston North, Christchurch and Dunedin received five star ratings for overall satisfaction, service, ambience and taste. Rival, Coffee Culture with stores in Christchurch, Lincoln, Timaru and Rangiora was also awarded five stars for service and ambience. Muffin Break received five stars for taste. Competitors, McDonalds McCafe scored five stars for value and Starbucks was awarded five stars for their range.

To view the full results of the Canstar Blue survey go to: